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ARETI Aparthotel

The aparthotel lies in the Aptera area. Yes! Yes! Near to the ancient Aptera which is full of legends and myths.

Come to Crete, come to Chania, come to the mountainous village “Megala Chorafia”. Once upon a time Areti was living here in this beautiful environment. From her house at the top of the mountain she was looking at a panorama from the slopes of Lefka Ori to the marvelous Aegean blue of the sea and took strength from the beauty of the flowers, the olive trees and the vineyards.

Even today the home villagers are distinguished from the rest with the traditional way of living and the Cretan dialect which contains a lot words from the ancient Greek that are kept from the past.

The secret is that the hotel of Areti’s family keeps that traditional style. Amazing is its combination of stone built, modern design and Venetian way of building that holds back from the 14th century a.C.. Exceptionally beautiful are also the gardens that surround the hotel. By the pool you may relax and enjoy your drink.

The hotel is not built in an ordinary place. Maybe it’s magic but if someone comes once, he comes back again and again, why? Perhaps because the hotel lies in a place enchanted from the past – Aptera. Come to meet and see for yourself.



Chania port (Souda) : 7 km
Chania centre : 14 km
Chania airport : 27 km
Rethymno town & port : 38 km
Heraklion town, port & airport : 125 km


Aptera ruins : 2 km
Kournas lake : 25 km
Agia Triada Monastery : 30 km
Sfakia village : 55 km
Fragokastelo fortress & beach : 55 km
Samaria gorge : 60 km
Falassarna beach & ruins : 60 km
Elafonissi beach : 80 km
Ida plateau & Zeus cave : 100 km
Knossos palace : 130 km
Phestos palace : 140 km

Η επιχείρηση ΑΡΕΤΗ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΞΕΝΟΔΟΧΕΙΑΚΗ ΕΜΠΟΡΙΚΗ ΚΑΙ ΚΤΗΜΑΤΙΚΗ Α.Ε που εδρεύει στην Περιφέρεια Κρήτης εντάχθηκε στη δράση «3.c.4 «Ενίσχυση Μικρών και Πολύ Μικρών Επιχειρήσεων που επλήγησαν από την πανδημία Covid-19 στην Περιφέρεια Κρήτης». (ΑΡΧΕΙΟ PDF)